The Dolphins have hit a critical part of the free agency period. With the Seahawks losing out on Chad Henne to the Jaguars that leaves, Matt Flynn as one of the last QB options on the market. So far Kyle Orton has signed with Dallas and, Jason Campbell to the Bears the second Tier Quarterbacks are off the board. What does that leave you ask? just the 1st tier quarterbacks Matt Flynn and Peyton Manning and, the low tier Brady Quinn etc. The most worrisome part is the Seahawks, Browns, and Dolphins are in NEED of a competent qb to compete above last years efforts with only two of those teams getting a quarterback upgrade Flynn and Ryan Tannehill leaving one team proverbially SOL. Could the dolphins compete next season with Matt Moore you ask? Yes, however will he get the Dolphins to the Playoffs? Possibly maybe, most likely not. Teams like the Titans, Broncos can easily sit back and wait as long as it takes for Manning with no repercussions. the Titans have Matt Hasselback and Jake Locker while the Broncos have Tim Tebow to fall back on. The Cardinals have until Friday to get an answer or they most likely will pull out of the Manning sweepstakes to avoid cutting Kolb only to have no one to viably start at Quarterback next season. This is as High stakes as it gets at the NFL poker table it could come down to who can wait out the other team the longest. The team that has the most to lose you ask? Miami. The Dolphins are the only team in the chase that don’t have an established starter, in reality if any of teams  Titans, Broncos, or Cardinals lose out on Peyton Manning it really would not be a big deal they can at least say they tried and move on like it never happened. My Advice to Miami Quit now, sign Flynn so your not the ugly girl that got stood up for the prom.


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